How To Harvest Microgreens With A Knife (Fast & Clean)


Are you growing micro greens, but not sure how to harvest? By the end of this video, you're going to know exactly how I harvest my micro greens, and why I use a knife. I'm going to show you my simple methods of harvesting, so you can harvest your micro greens fast and clean.

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I've been harvesting microgreens for my business every week for over three years now, and I've taught everybody who's worked for me the same exact methods that I use. I've been able to grow my business to over six figures with only two harvesting knives, and the product is always of the highest quality.

The first thing you're going to want to do before harvesting is wash your hands. Sanitation is super important, and should be taken seriously, especially if you're running a business and growing these microgreens for other people or your clients. Furthermore, you should also be wearing gloves while harvesting.

The next thing you're going to want to do is prepare your workstation:

  1. Tray of microgreens,
  2. Something that you're harvesting into (like a simple bowl or container)
  3. Knife on top of a paper towel (I use it to clean the knife if it gets dirty)

What you're going to do, is hold the top of the plants with one hand and then take your knife and bring it through the plants as you pull the knife towards you to get a nice clean cut. To this day, I have never cut myself harvesting microgreens & I hope it doesn't happen soon!

Next, I transfer the microgreens that I just cut into my other hand, and I check the bottom for any soil that might still be left on them. If you accidentally pull the micro greens out without actually cutting them, they're still going to have soil on the bottom and you don't want to package that because then you will have a dirty product.

Once I've confirmed that the handful of microgreens I just harvested is nice and clean, I'm just going to put them right into the container and slap a lid on it. That's it!

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