How To Build A Microgreen Rack FAST and EASY

Building microgreens racks can be a little bit tricky, especially with only one person, but I've developed some unique techniques and tricks that you can use to set these up efficiently in your microgreens farm.

Here in my farm, I now have over 20 microgreens racks, so I've personally built an abundance of these, and I’ve even moved my farm two or three times, which means I’ve built and rebuilt well over 20 of these racks. Check out this blog for all of the reasons why these racks are the best in the industry. 

Each time I build one of these microgreens racks, I try to improve my process. I've learned what works and what doesn’t, and at this point, I've created an easy, dialed-in system for building these racks.

Once you receive your microgreens rack, you're going to want to open up the box and see what's inside. If you see any zip ties within the box that are holding the pieces of the rack together, you can cut and discard them. I also discard any paperwork that comes with the rack, although you may prefer to hold onto it for warranty purposes.

Because of the way that the shelves fasten to the poles of the rack, you're going to have to build these racks from the bottom up. You will find clamps that come with the rack. These clamps snap into the tick marks on the poles, and once you add top shelf (final step), the rack will be secure.

To start the rack, take out one of the shelves, and place it upside down on something where the ends of the shelves can hang over the edge. Wherever you place this shelf needs to be tall enough so you can insert the bottom halves of these poles, without them touching the ground. The shelf is upside down if the part of the shelf that has the taller ridge is on the top, and the flatter part of the shelf is facedown.

Next, take out all four of the bottom poles, along with the clamps that come with this rack system. The bottom poles should have a label. If they didn’t come with a label, you'll know that they're the bottom poles because they'll either have the feet screwed in, or they'll have holes in the bottom where either the feet or the wheels will be screwed in. 

Take one of the bottom poles, and hold it upside down. Take one clamp, and clip it onto the pole. When you flip the pole over, it will be right side up. Make sure that there’s four tick marks visible between the bottom of the pole and the clamp. 

Now, this pole is ready to slide into the shelf that you've already set up upside down. This is a good time to choose between using the feet or the wheels (I prefer the feet). Once you have all four of these poles put into the first shelf, you're going to want to make sure that either the wheels or the feet, whichever you chose, are screwed in. These poles should slide in nicely and lock in place. Once the poles and the feet or the wheels are locked in place, you’re going to take this shelf and the poles, and flip it upside down so that it’s now right side up. 

The remaining steps are super simple. As you work your way up the rack, you’re going to add the clamps and the shelves. Make sure that there's 12 tick marks visible between each of the shelves.

After you add your third shelf onto this rack, you're going to take the top halves of the poles and simply screw them together right into the bottom half of the poles. Again, you’re going to keep on working your way up to the top, and once you attach that top shelf, you're done, your rack is fully built!

At this point, you'll know if you did the correct spacing because the top shelf should be flush with the top of the poles.

Now you know exactly how to build these racks, but what if you have questions about other topics that I haven't covered here? Come on over to my Microgreens Support Group on Facebook, where you can ask your questions and connect with microgreen farmers from all over the world.