Best Microgreen Rack (Easy & Efficient)

If you're looking to grow microgreens, you’re going to need some sort of rack system. You’ll want to buy a rack that will last a long time and will be perfect for growing microgreens. The rack that I personally use and recommend is incredibly space-efficient for standard 10" x 20" microgreens trays. It has six shelves, and it's also really easy to set up, with or without wheels. It also follows all food and safety sanitation guidelines, which is a huge benefit when growing food. Additionally, it’s certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

I've been using the same microgreens racks for years, and so have some of the best growers in the industry. I'm bringing in hundreds of dollars each week with each of these racks. They’re great for not only starting a business, but also scaling up a business.

When I first started my commercial microgreens business four years ago, I was able to buy this rack for only $64 on eBay. But, since then, the price has steadily increased, and now, the cheapest price is on Amazon, for a little over $100. The increased price is really the only downside. Nevertheless, this rack offers many unique benefits that are specific to growing microgreens.

When this rack arrives in the mail, it will come in a box with all of the necessary materials. The main poles come separated in two, which you’ll connect later on, simply by screwing them together. There are six shelves that come with this specific rack unit, and they should be spaced out evenly to allow an ideal height for growing microgreens.

This rack uses a special clamping system with little clips that snap into the ridges of the main poles. Once you attach the clamps to the shelves, a pressure will be created to hold each shelf in place. The more pressure and weight that is on each shelf, the more secure the shelf will be. 

Because of its simple design, this rack is super easy to set up. It comes with wheels, as well as flat feet (you can choose either option based on your needs). The feet screw up and down, so if you have uneven ground in your growing room, you can use these feet to make your rack perfectly level. There are additional papers that come with the rack, but I usually discard them.


I love this rack for several different reasons:

  • It’s made of wire, which makes strapping on lights, power strips, and fans very easy. If you prefer to strap fans onto your shelves, you can do so with zip ties.
  • The interior is made of steel, so it’s extremely high quality, strong, and durable.
  • There's a protective outer coating that is resistant to corrosion and dirt buildup. This makes it suitable for growing microgreens because microgreens naturally get wet when they are watered.
  • The steel won't harbor any mold, unlike wooden racks. I don't like wooden racks for the following reasons:
    • Unless you're sealing the rack with a wood sealer, it’s very likely to harbor mold, which is the last thing you want near your plants.
    • It takes time to build and seal a wooden rack. In any business, time is money. If you value your time, you should avoid any measures that complicate your process.
  • While there are similar steel racks out there, this rack in particular is the most space-efficient because of its dimensions. It’s 82" tall, whereas others are 72" tall. So, if you get a different rack that happens to have a shorter height, you won’t have as large of an amount of space between each shelf, and therefore, you won't be able to maximize the use of every shelf.
  • It’s also the perfect length horizontally. Each shelf fits a total of four 10" x 20" microgreens trays, with a little space in between each tray. This gap helps with watering and moving trays on and off of the racks, which means there is no wasted space! No wasted space equals a maximized farm!


If you wish to purchase the best microgreens rack, you can do so here.

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