Best Basic Microgreen Rack System/Setup

Interested in growing microgreens but not sure which microgreens set up to buy? 

I’ve seen numerous different microgreens set ups, and to be honest, I can usually find fault with most of them. The system that I use is typically safer from a food production standpoint, doesn't harbor any mold, is super easy to set up, and is extremely space efficient. 

I'm not the only grower using this rack setup. Some of the best growers in the industry use the same exact set up. Whether you're first starting out as a microgreens farmer and looking at which set up to buy, or you’re wanting to scale up your business, this blog is for you. 

You can find the most effective and basic microgreens growing rack here. By basic, I mean that the system doesn’t require any plumbing responsibilities, and it doesn't automatically water your microgreens. To this day, I'm still watering by hand because it's really simple, and it doesn't take up much time. Watering by hand, in my opinion and experience, is not cost prohibitive. 

These racks are composed of a great material that allows for both durability and cleanliness. They’ve held up very well for me. Honestly, I cannot distinguish between a rack that I've bought recently and a rack that I bought four years ago. Additionally, these racks are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) certified, which means that they meet strict standards for public health protection. If you're concerned about the sanitation of your microgreens farm and the health of your customers, these are definitely the racks to buy.

I think the black finish on these racks looks super cool, and it actually blends in nicely with the trays, which means you really only see the microgreens. Each time someone walks into my farm for the first time, they're always amazed. My whole farm looks super sleek, and these black racks are a major contributor. 

Apart from safety and durability, these racks are also extremely space efficient. You don't want any unused space on your microgreens racks because then you’re not fully utilizing the rack’s footprint.

There's just enough space on each shelf for four 10" x 20" microgreens trays, with a little gap in between, which is going to help for moving trays on and off of the rack, as well as for watering. As the microgreens grow, they can tend to overflow out of the trays. It’s super easy for the microgreens to get caught in an adjacent tray as you lift them up during watering. If microgreens get too close to each other as they grow next to each other, they can get tangled. So, as you pull one tray off of the shelf, you could pull on the plants of the adjacent tray, which can make a dirty bess. But, with using this rack, (and 10" x 20" trays), you can prevent this from happening. You’ll have the perfect amount of space to separate the trays as you’re watering and moving your trays around. 

Now, aside from the added benefit of the horizontal space, these microgreens racks are also spaced perfectly vertically. With this set up, you’re going to be able to maximize the use of all of your shelves, whereas with some of the other set ups with shelves that are 10" shorter, you wouldn’t be able to get as much use out of every single one of your shelves.

These racks are 82" in height compared to most others that are 72”. With this difference, you’ll get enough space between your shelves to effectively and efficiently grow your microgreens and mount your lights. Plus, you’ll have a four-inch space below your bottom shelf, which is critical for sanitation and sweeping.

There's a total of 10 1/2" from the light to each shelf below. You can use one light per shelf, which is what I use and recommend for most crops. Or, if you prefer to use multiple lights, that'll definitely work on this rack set up as well, although, I don't think it's necessary for most crops.

The reason why me and some of the best growers are able to get away with using one light per shelf is because we're using lights that are meant for growing. These are not shop lights that are meant for simply hanging a light in a space like a garage—these are actually horticultural-grow lights that are going to give your plants what they need. They are full-spectrum and are very affordable. They’re also highly energy efficient. 

Lastly, this microgreens rack system is super easy to set up. These shelves are made of wire, which makes it really easy to attach items like lights, power strips, and fans (if you like to use fans right on your racks). You can attach these items with zip ties.

Now, you know the best basic rack set up in the industry. Maybe you want to see how other microgreen businesses are thriving with this set up. Head over to my Microgreens Support Group on Facebook to find out and connect with other growers!